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About Me

My Experience

Friday, October 12, 2018: On the mend from a sudden rare health scare...lasting five anxious weeks. Back in the saddle soon enough. Best wishes to all for a safe, happy and healthy Autumn season. 

My Skillset

I possess a sharp eye for detail, which I use to find even the smallest inconsistencies in sworn testimony. I work well under pressure and can produce high-quality work in short periods of time. I have strong interpersonal skills and work well with a wide variety of people.

My Passions

Outside of the office, I am an avid hiker. My favorite mountain range is the Green Mountains in Vermont. I also enjoy growing fresh veggies in my back garden in my spare time. 

Contact Me

Any questions, concerns, suggestions....just drop me a line, and I will get back to you soon! Carpe Diem!

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