The Warren Commission stood by their report that Lee Harvey Oswald was responsible for the murder of President John F. Kennedy. Relying upon the testimony of the following three witnesses, they stacked the decked against an innocent party. However, upon much closer examination of these three witnesses, one can easily deduce that the wrongly accused was framed, found guilty for something he did not do.

Let’s examine the testimony of these key witnesses, starting with Jeraldine Reid —->

*Credit the Texas Portal to History

Did you note that Mrs. Reid said she went back up to her office, where she encounters the wrongly accused? Not true, because At this very instance she is still standing outside of the building —>

*Credit researcher Linda G. Zambeni

Since none of us can be in two places all at once she simply tried to buttress the hastily contrived script the next day against the wrongly accused, never thinking a photo would reveal her true whereabouts immediately after the assassination.

Now, let’s examine Marrion Baker’s testimony, the motorcycle officer, who said he encountered the wrongly accused on the 2nd floor in the lunchroom, after previously sharing the following same day affidavit of encountering someone else on a much higher floor —->

“As we reached the third or fourth floor I saw a man walking away from the stairway. I called to the man and he turned around and came back toward me. The manager said, “I know that man, he works here.” I then turned the man loose and went up to the top floor. The man I saw was a white man approximately 30 years old, 5’9″, 165 pounds, dark hair and wearing a light brown jacket.”

By the next day, following Baker’s initial same day observations above, he suddenly changes his tune with language to incriminate the wrongly accused, now saying he and building superintendent Roy Truly encountered the wrongly accused in the 2nd floor lunchroom. Sound familiar? Yes, because it now aligns with Mrs. Reid’s less than forthcoming account about a 2nd floor encounter that never was. A hastily contrived script was now afoot.

Further problems with Baker’s account is laced with more than a few inconsistencies with his timing, most notably testifying about being upon the rooftop with the aforementioned Roy Truly for more than five (5) minutes but no more than ten (10) minutes. This is a glaring lie, because when one reads the testimony of Dallas Police Department’s Inspector J. Hubert Sawyer, he only spends three minutes on the above floors before returning to the 1st floor, yet Baker says he encounters Inspector Sawyer in the same time sequence he also says he is up on the rooftop with Roy Truly. Oops!

Mr. BELIN. Then what did you do? You went inside the building, is that correct? 
Mr. SAWYER. We immediately went inside the building. I took–I believe Sgt. Harkness may have gone with me. I am not positive of that. 
Mr. BELIN. Was the elevator on the first floor when you got there, or did you have to wait for it to come down? 
Mr. SAWYER. Best of my recollection, it was there. 
Mr. BELIN. You got to the elevator, went up, looked around back there. How long did you spend up there at the top floor that the elevator took you to? 
Mr. SAWYER. Just took a quick look around and made sure there was nobody hiding on that floor. I doubt if it took over a minute at the most. 
Mr. BELIN. To go up and look around and come down? 
Mr. SAWYER. To look around on the floor. How long it took to go up, it couldn’t have been over 3 minutes at the most from the time we left, got up and back down. 
Mr. BELIN. Then that would put it around no sooner than 12:37, if you heard the call at 12:34? 
Mr. SAWYER. Yes, sir. 

Inspector Sawyer’s three (3) minute timeline debunks Baker’s testimony that he saw the Inspector in those three minutes, while also being atop the roof 5-10 minutes…

Mr. BELIN – Do you remember about how long you stayed on the roof?
Mr. BAKER – It was a little over 5 minutes.

Mr. BELIN – In this time sequence you mentioned you were on the roof more than 5 minutes, that could be 25 or 30 or 10 or 15 or what?
Mr. BAKER – This, to my recollection, it seemed like I shouldn’t have stayed up there over 10 minutes anyway, if that long.

Yet, he says he encounters Inspector Sawyer —->

Mr. BELIN – As the elevator was moving?
Mr. BAKER – Yes, sir; downward.
Mr. BELIN – All right.
Mr. BAKER – The next thing that I noticed was Inspector Sawyer, he was on one of those floors there, he is a police inspector.
Mr. DULLES – City of Dallas Police?
Mr. BAKER – Yes, sir. And he was on, I really didn’t notice which floor.

Remember, according to Inspector Sawyer’s testimony he was only in a position to be seen for only three (3) minutes before leaving the building, so, either Baker is telling the truth here amid a lie about being atop the roof over 5-10 minutes, or lying about both —->

because in spite of the respective testimonies of both Baker and Truly, who say they were atop the rooftop, here comes evidence to the contrary about anyone ever being on top the roof —->


Name of Compainant 
Assassination Of President Kennedy

John Wiseman, Deputy Sheriff, Dallas County Sheriff’s Department.

Date Nov 23, 1963

I was standing in front of the Sheriff’s Office at 505 Main Street, Dallas when the President passed and the car went around the corner and a few more cars had passed when I heard a shot and I knew something had happened. I ran at once to the corner of Houston and Main Street and out into the street when the second and third shots ran out. I ran on across Houston Street, then across the park to where a policeman was having trouble with his motorcycle and I saw a man laying on the grass. This man laying on the grass said the shots came from the building and he was pointing to the old Sexton Building. I talked to Marilyn Sitzman, 202 S. Lancaster whosaid her boss, Abraham Zaprutes, RI 8 6071, had movies of the shooting. She said the shots came from that way and she pointed at the old Sexton Building. I ran at once to the Sexton Building and went in. I askes some woman how many doors lead out of the building and she said 4. I left the building and found some DPD patrolmen and we came back to the building. I ran up the stairs and the patrolman started trying to get more help to search the building. I went up the stairs to the 7th floor and started up into the attic and noticed that the door to the roof was locked on the inside with a gate type hook latch. I stopped and started back down the stairs taking a quick look on each floor…

Sheriff-Deputy John Wise was on the same stairs in the same timing sequence as Baker & Truly, yet he never encounters these men who were slightly ahead of him, according to their testimony and his own actions. Deputy-Sheriff Wiseman makes a legitimate attempt to access the roof, yet–unlike the magical tandem with teleporting abilities he was unable to access through/around the challenge of a locked roof. Surely Baker and Truly could not lock access to the roof from the other side…

O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive! –Sir Walter Scott

What’s more damaging to the testimony of these three Warren Commission key witnesses is a Freudian Slip by Roy Truly when he says the following —->

Mr. BELIN. When did you get over to the southeast corner of the sixth floor?
Mr. TRULY. That I can’t answer. I don’t remember when I went over there. It was sometime before I learned that they had found either the rifle or the spent shell cases. 

emphasis mine : Why would the building superintendent be anywhere near the place where evidence was found?, Before it was discovered?

Mr. TRULY. That I can’t answer.

Can’t or Won’t, Mr. Truly?, pleading the 5th?!

The wrongly accused, Mr. Oswald, was Framed amid a hastily contrived script to incriminate him for something he did not do.

A more likely scenario–with growing evidence to back it up, is the wrongly accused is the Mystery Man  ,who was actually standing outside atop the entrance steps to his place of work when the presidential limousine passed by.

Click on the link for even more hastily contrived “Evidence” to incriminate the wrongly accused…


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