Our Story/Mission, Vision & Values

JFK Act, an educational & literary non-profit, with a special emphasis upon voter registration & voter education workshops, is committed to advancing campaign finance reform; and, promoting open & respectful political discourse, while educating citizens & candidates alike about the importance of running issue oriented campaigns, reflecting the will of the People.

“In a democracy, the highest office is the office of citizen.” — Thomas Jefferson

We are a resource for voters to learn more, to get registered, to get involved, Our voter-education workshops will cover the voting process; what a ballot looks like; where to vote; the importance of voting; and, how citizens can get involved in the democratic process. Make your voice heard.

In compliance with applicable rules governing 501(c)(3) organizations, Our non-profit does not endorse or oppose a particular candidate, directly or indirectly; nor do we contribute money, time, or facilities to a particular candidate; or coordinate activities with a particular candidate; We are a neutral party and our only vested interest is promoting greater civic engagement to enhance democracy.


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