Gunsmoke rising up along the picket-fence mere seconds after fatal shot that struck President Kennedy …

*Credit: photo-journalist Dave Wiegman travelling in one of the press cars behind the presidential limousine on Friday, November 22, 1963.

Nothing quite like visible gunsmoke, and its undeniable gunpowder smell, which prompted dozens of Dealey Plaza witnesses to storm the sloping hillside, charging upward towards the picket-fence area.

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Mr & Mrs. Kenneth Boyd DuVall, in Washington, DC, touring the White House in 1963, photo courtesy of their surviving daughter…

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7 thoughts on “Gunsmoke”

    1. *Hi Marcia,
      Many people like yourself are able to easily recall right where they were the very day President Kennedy died. What a shocking development for those of you who actually experienced this national tragedy firsthand. Thanks for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving! & Happy Holidays! to you & yours as well,

    1. Hi Marcia, I just want the Deep State to stop insulting the intelligence of the people, and simply admit (amid Cold War tensions) they falsely believed President Kennedy was soft/weak on Communism, and thus took unthinkable action/intervention due to their mistaken, hastily contrived conclusions. That’s all I would like to see happen, complete disclosure moving forward, no more lies amid decade after decade of cover up. Thanks for the question, enjoy your day/weekend, Marcia.

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