A Bold Prediction

   Well ahead of this year’s presidential-election, I am going to make a bold prediction. When Americans arise on Tuesday, November 3, 2020 and head out to the voting booths three months from now, we will either re-elect President Donald Trump or his Democratic challenger, former Vice-President Joe Biden. By late nightfall on Tuesday, November 3, 2020 one of these candidates will emerge victorious.

Between now and the week of the scheduled Democratic National Convention later this month, August 17-20,


the former Vice-President is tasked with making one of the most important decisions in his lifetime. While speculation runs rampant about who he will ultimately choose as his vice-presidential running mate, he would be wise to pump the brakes on selecting a woman of color. To be clear, lest anyone thinks otherwise, the issue here isn’t with women and/or their race…

(Michael A. McCoy/Getty Images/TNS)

Sadly, our country isn’t quite ready just yet for any woman, no matter how qualified she may be to be merely a heartbeat away from the presidency. Are there qualified women capable of bold & dynamic leadership on the national scene and world stage? Yes, absolutely, without a doubt.

Is the full electorate ready to vote for a female just a mere heartbeat away from the presidency? Personally, where I am ready for women to emerge in leadership roles on the national landscape, I doubt my sentiments are shared by a large percentage of the full-electorate across the nation…thus my bold prediction…

President Trump will easily win re-election this November with a landslide victory, especially if former Vice-President Joe Biden chooses a female to be his vice-presidential running mate. It’s time for the Democrats to choose wisely in the context of the times we live in, or be content with holding nothing more than a mere Pep Rally later this month.  

*Disclaimer: The above sentiments are solely based upon my own personal analysis of the current political winds swirling about our nation. Again, there are more than 1,000.000+ women in our country more than capable & qualified to lead our nation forward. Hopefully, one day after this year’s election, racists & misogynistic attitudes will face extinction from our national character rather than continue as loathsome reminders amid business as usual

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